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Dear Friends💕 As a small local business we find it very difficult to compete with large online companies when it comes to advertising.We would really appreciate it if our lovely followers and Friends could help us out in a really BIG way...& it only takes a moment but would mean the world to usFacebook’s has a new feature & it literally takes seconds 📱 💻 We'd really love it if you could:💕Go to the left of our page 💕Scroll down to 💕‘COMMUNITY’💕Click 'INVITE FRIENDS'💕Click ‘ALL'Wait 10-15 seconds for the invitations to send you may need to do it twice if you have a large friends list.If you leave us a link to your business page if you have one then I will do the same.It’s as simple as that, thank you so much.We really appreciate your help to enable us to grow...💕💕💕💕


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