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R.H.S. BANS Oasis Block!

One of the little ways we support the environment is by reducing our impact by not creating any Gift arrangement in Oasis block and continue to find ways to become more and more GREEN.

"Floral foam will be BANNED from all RHS Shows from 2021, the Royal Horticultural Society has confirmed.

Ahead of this year's Chelsea Flower Show (19th - 23rd May 2020), floral designers are being encouraged to trial alternative products for their displays before the ban is enforced next year.

Floral foam, a non-biodegradable plastic (phenolic resin), is often used in floristry and commonly mistaken for a natural product. Floral foam is incredibly absorbent, soaking up water like a sponge; it also helps to prolong the life of flowers; gives support by holding stems tightly in place; holds up to 50 times its weight in water; blends in well with foliage thanks to its dark green colour; comes in a range of shapes and sizes for bespoke, custom-made arrang..." (continued on link below)


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